Up on My Tippy Toes by Dr. Linda Sturrup

Up on My Tippy Toes Children's Book Review

Dear Dumplin,

This will be my last children’s book feature for National Book Month.  I hope I have expressed how important it is to have children’s books that reflect your life and your journey.  Remember when I told you here about the cute book A Sugar Bug on My Tooth by Dr. Linda Sturrup?  Dr. Sturrup has brought the lovely Natalie Jean back for another adventure!  Up on My Tippy Toes explores Natalie Jean’s introduction to the world of ballet.  With Misty Copeland’s historic rise to become the first African-American principle dancer in the American Ballet Theatre, this book is right on time!

In addition to telling a story that is beautifully illustrated by Reginald William Butler, Up on My Tippy Toes demonstrates the importance of arts education.  Arts education helps build self-esteem, teaches teamwork, requires attendance, and instills discipline.  Dancing specifically builds balance, strength, and creativity.  A report from the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities informs us that,

“Students who underwent at least nine hours of arts education per week were four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and three times more likely to have high attendance.”

I believe this to be 100% accurate because when I danced in school, I went to school just to dance.  I did not wake up in the morning yearning for math or social studies.  I certainly woke up ready to get to my dance class and I looked forward to practicing.  In order to participate in dance, I had to have good grades and almost perfect attendance.  Up on My Tippy Toes is the perfect introduction to the arts for young children.


More than the arts appreciation and the dance, I love that this book exhibits determination and tenacity.  When you experience a tough situation, don’t give up!  Push harder and try again!  At first Natalie Jean is excited about her dance class, but when the moves don’t come easily to her, she wants to give up.  Does she go back to dance class?  We have to read the book together to find out!

Up on My Tippy Toes RELEVE

I know you are going to love this book.




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Disclaimer: I received “Up on My Tippy Toes” for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone.

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