A Sugar Bug on My Tooth by Dr. Linda Sturrup

Dear Dumplin,

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month?  Neither did I!  Then I discovered the cutest book about children’s dental care called, “A Sugar Bug on My Tooth” by Dr. Linda Sturrup.  Illustrated by Reginald William Butler, this book tells the story of Natalie Jean’s first trip to the dentist.

You know what else?  I’ve been delaying your first trip to the dentist. You are two now so I know it must be done.  I envision some stranger trying to poke around in your mouth and I see a very unhappy Dumplin!  I must say, this book has eased my fears and reminded me that I must always put your health first.  Learning about this book, I realized some startling statistics:

  • Nearly half of tooth decay in children ages 2-9 is untreated.
  • Children should begin regular dental visits at age 1 or by six months after their first teeth appear.
  • Nearly half of all children 2 to 5 have never been to the dentist.
  • 42% of children 2 to 11 have had dental cavities on their primary teeth.

These are shocking facts!  As a result, I will be making your dentist appointment asap and prepare you by reading “A Sugar Bug on My Tooth.”  It is well written and beautifully illustrated.  It lovingly shows that one shouldn’t be afraid of the dentist.  Moreover, it teaches the important lesson that sometimes things seem scarier than they really are.  I think you may even have fun at the dentist.

Excerpt from A Sugar Bug on My Tooth


I do know for sure that you will love this book.



Disclaimer: I received “A Sugar Bug on My Tooth” for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone.  I was not paid for this blog post.

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