Please Puppy Please by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee

Please Puppy Please Book Cover

Dear Dumplin,

Although you do not like animals just yet, you love “Please Puppy Please” by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee!  You loved their first book “Please Baby Please” so it was no surprise that you loved their second book as well.  What I really enjoy about reading this book to you is how involved you get in the story.

The story walks the reader thru a day of two adorable kids running behind a busy puppy.  You start yelling at the pages and telling the puppy what to do.

“It’s raining!  Sit down!”

“Leave the cat!”

“You making a mess Puppy!”

Please Puppy Please Inside Page

When we get to the above page, you have absolutely the BEST reaction:

“That Puppy DON’T LISTEN!”

Can you imagine?  You telling someone that they don’t listen?  Hilarious!

This book illustrates the beauty of the written word and how it enhances life.  Every time we read the book you point out something new.  You notice if the Puppy’s tongue is hanging out of his mouth.  You notice the different flecks in the grass.  You even notice the different bubbles in the puppy bath.

l love that you love to read and be read to.  Seeing characters that look like you have real world experiences has a real impact.  More books to come!



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