I’m Worried About Boys… Already….

No Boys

Dear Dumplin,

Boys like you.


They follow you around.


And you know it.


You simply smile and look at me.  You are aware of your powers and it scares me.

There is one little boy who comes straight to the door as soon as you get in EVERY MORNING.  It doesn’t matter what he is doing or who he is playing with.  He sees you and he comes right away.  “HI ISABELLE!”  You never respond.  NEVER.  Sometimes you roll your eyes.  No matter what I do.  No matter how many times I ask you to respond to this little boy.  You will not.  It baffles me.  The boy’s face lights up when you arrive.  You seem to barely tolerate him.

For some reason, I thought this was the only child anxiously waiting for you to arrive.  I was mistaken.  There’s two little girls you always play with.  Your teacher tells me the three of you get along very nicely.  But this morning was different.  Oh my goodness.  I was not ready.

We arrive at school and a different little boy runs up to you to… get this… HELP TAKE YOUR COAT OFF.  He pulled frantically to get the buttons open.  I say, “Hold on sweetie.  I think there is a zipper here.”  I unzip your coat half way, he unzips the rest ever so gingerly.  Pulls your hat off, and puts it in your cubby.  Did I point out that he knew which cubby was yours?  Then he sits quietly in the cubby next to yours as if to say, “What should we do now Isabelle?”  How long has this been going on Dumplin?  How many other boys are catering to your every whim and command?  You stood there as if this was not new.  You did not flinch.  You did not move back.  I wasn’t prepared for this.


That is all.


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