5 Things No One Told Me About Moving to New Jersey

5 Things Moving to NJ

Dear Dumplin,

It’s allergy season and it sucks. Growing up, I never had allergies. I never understood the people who were sneezing all the time with watery eyes claiming not to be contagious.  It never occurred to me that people could develop allergies later in life.  When I went to the doctor demanding to know what was wrong with me she asked, “How long have you lived in New Jersey?  Yeah, it’s about that time.  You have allergies now!”

Excuse me?  New Jersey gave me allergies?  I didn’t get the memo.  So I’m adding it to the top of my list.  Here are 5 things nobody told me about moving to New Jersey.

  1. I would get allergies.  I’m not about this runny nose life.  I’m not about the itchy eye life.  Please go away.
  2. I would see more animals on a daily basis than I ever did in Manhattan.  Ground hog?  Check.  Chipmunk? Check.  Rabbit?  Check. Deer?  Check.
  3. I would learn more about the makeup of a house then I ever did before.  Did I know what a sub-pump or french drain was before?  No.  Do I now?  Yes.  I also have looked at HVAC units, hot water heaters, electrical panels, and siding more than I ever thought I would.  And if my husband takes me to one more home show… Please help me.
  4. Cars rule.  I know simple right?  Maybe.  This concept was simply not obvious to me.  I actually have to drive to places to walk.  Staying physically active has been a constant struggle because I simply don’t have to move around as much in my day-to-day activities.
  5. That 6 years later nothing is like a whole in the wall chinese food place in NYC.  I don’t know if it’s the water, the MSG (joking), or what.  The chinese food simply does not taste as good.

That’s all of my venting for now.


PS – The picture above?  You guessed it.  Right in your backyard.  *Smile*

2 thoughts on “5 Things No One Told Me About Moving to New Jersey

  1. So so true about the Chinese food! There is nothing like it anywhere else. We are having a tough time with allergies too here. So many things that are alive!

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