Your First Public Tantrum

Dear Dumplin,

You threw your first public tantrum this past Saturday. I could have never begun to imagine the embarassment associated with having your daughter throw a tantrum in public.  I was so shocked!

We took your grandma to her doctor’s appointment and had at least an hour to kill before it was time to pick her up.  I figured I would treat you to some silver dollar pancakes at iHop.  You love pancakes!  The next thing I know you are screaming and throwing sugar packets across the table.  Our waitress went from, “Oh she’s so beautiful!” to simply, “Oh.”  I’ve never understood how people could be so upset that they needed to count to calm themselves down.  Now I understand.

You threw food on the table, knocked your fork on the floor, spilled your apple juice, and screamed at the very top of your lungs.  I could not believe my eyes and ears!  And all of this because I would not let you play with the butter knife.  After several minutes of trying to get you to calm down, I counted my losses and asked for the check.  I got both of our meals to go.  I put you in your car seat, took a deep breath, and got in the drivers seat.  And when I looked in the mirror, there was a piece of egg on my forehead.

I guess the terrible two’s are here a bit early.



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