You Are Sick… Again

Dear Dumplin,

You are sick for the third time in about a month.  You have this weird bug that consists of a fever and a runny nose that is taking longer than I’d like to go away.  It is so frustrating!

First you had this stomach bug that went around the daycare.  One word.  YUCK.  Then you got your first ear infection.  I felt so bad for you because that was the first time you really cried all of the time until the antibiotics kicked in.  Now you have this ridiculous bug that is giving you a very annoying fever.  I’m frustrated for you!  Here’s the weird part.

I took you to the doctor (again), and said what gives?  Why is my pookie getting sick so much?  And do you know what your doctor said?  “Isabelle is the least of my worries.  You have no idea how many kids were in here all winter.  She’s very healthy.  This is normal.”  Wait, people go to the doctor more than you do?  I guess I should say my prayers and thank the Lord.  I have been stressed the last month and cannot imagine a parent having a kid that has to go to the doctor more often than you.  So that’s a lesson for Mommy.  Don’t sweat the small stuff!  Kids get sick.  Just take care of you and this too shall pass.  After an entire week your fever finally broke this morning and  you are getting back to normal. (Thank goodness!)

Do Mama a favor?  The next time you get sick, just tell me to relax?



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