Why are Women Beautiful?

 Dear Dumplin,

She Is Beautiful is a documentary by Denise Francis of LiveNaturallyLove on YouTube. She asks 100 people two questions:

  1. Why are women beautiful?

  2. Why are you beautiful?

I found it while reading the Naturally Beautiful blog and was quite pleased to watch it.  Not only did I see some surprising responses to the questions, but I see that some people were on the beautiful campus of The City College of New York in Harlem.  As you know, I love Harlem.  I also love anything aimed at supporting and uplifting women.  Kudos to Ms. Francis for her work.  So my Dear Dumplin, here are my answers to her questions

  1. Why are women beautiful?  Because they are the creators and maintainers of life.

  2. Why am I beautiful?  Because I am strong, true, and honest in everything I do and feel.  I am made by The Creator.  He doesn’t make mistakes.

Why are you beautiful my Dear Dumplin?  Because you are the purest form of happiness and joy I have ever seen.

Maybe one day you can answer these questions.  I can’t wait to hear your answers!



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