Where is the Sista Luv Part II – I Found It At The WNHB 2014

Dear Dumplin,

Last Saturday I went to the World Natural Health and Beauty Expo in NYC at the Times Square Marriot Marquis.  It was wonderful!  I certainly don’t need anymore beauty products, but I love going to events that are filled with women of color having fun and taking care of themselves.

Hosted and created by Ms. Taliah Waajid, there were two days of expos, demonstrations, classes, and products galore.  My friends and I enjoyed the event on Saturday, and everyone went home with more goodies than we needed.  In April of this year I did my third big chop.  I probably have less than 2 inches of hair on my head and yet I still gravitate towards all things natural hair.  It’s so much more than style to me.  Wearing my hair as God created it is so comforting and I’ve never felt more like myself.

As we walked around the expo, an older woman chanted “The Black Woman is the Queen of the Earth!”  She looked at me and smiled as she walked by.  She said, “It’s so nice to see women of color gathering in such a positive light.”  I smiled and nodded.  I truly believe that’s what I needed in that moment.  Current media trends will have us forget that black women love each other, nurture each other, and take care of one another.  The air was filled with Sista Luv.  On the stage one woman big chopped as people watched and clapped. She cut off ten years of locks.  Ready for a change, when asked what made her take this step she said, “It’s just hair.  I have healthy African hair that will grow back.”  Although it is just hair, I’m sure she found power and strength in making a decision that was best for her.  She held her long locks in her hand and announced she would donate them.  We clapped.

As we continued our way around the venue, we talked to vendors about what products worked best for our different hair textures, viewed amazing fashion and jewelry, and I even tried some coffee from Organo Gold.  Everything was fantastic but I had three major highlights.

  1. I saw the famous Afro of Karen from Karen’s Body Beautiful.  I was too shy to introduce myself but she looked amazing!

  2. Nedgetti of Hair by Nedgetti introduced herself to my friends and I in the ladies room.  She has such a beautiful spirit and I will certainly be making an appointment soon.

  3. I had a late lunch at Five Napkin Burger with my Sista Luvs.  I certainly can’t end a day that exciting without an equally exciting meal!  Ahi Tuna burger… Can you say Yum???!!!!

I hope these types of events will still be around when you are older.  It’s always good to see yourself in your surroundings and the accomplishments of women that look like you.  Like one of my favorite quotes from Claudia Chan says, “You cannot become what you do not believe.”

I want you to see and believe that anything is possible.



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