My Top 5 Social Media Stars of 2015

Top 5 Social Media Stars of 2015

Dear Dumplin,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I know I haven’t written in a while.  I’ve been taking some quiet time to come up with a game plan for things I’d like to change or improve upon in 2016.  I’m not interested in making any New Year’s resolutions that will fizzle out by Easter.  Instead, I’m focusing on ways to improve my life for the long run.  One important thing to consider at any time in your life, is who you spend your time with.  People can assume this concept pertains to in person meetings only.  Nope!  Not true.  If you watch hours of mindless television, that counts.  If you follow lots of foolishness on social media, that counts as well.  If you are constantly on the phone gossiping about people’s lives that have nothing to do with you, that counts as well.  Since I do work from home most of the time, there is a very small circle of people who I see in person on a regular basis. The rest of my time is spent interacting with people on a computer or smart phone.  This not only includes emails and instant messages at work, but also interacting with people on social media when I’m not working.  A popular Jim Rohn quote says,

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. ~ Jim Rohn Click To Tweet

There are five amazing women that have helped me push myself, get focused, and checked me (even when they didn’t know they did it), when I needed checking.  They all have different styles and are amazing in their own ways.  Here are my top five social media stars of 2015.

Myleik Teele

Myleik Teele - Top 5 Social Media Stars of 2015

You already know how much respect I have for Myleik Teele.  I told you about My Top Ten Money tips learned from her here, and continue to follow her on Instagram and Snap Chat.  I appreciate her openness and that she does not sugar coat the work required to get where she is today.  Many people pretend their journey was easy.  She is the exact opposite.  When I think of Myleik, the first thing I think of is “Do the work.”  When I need a reminder to stop complaining and get it done, I turn to Myleik.  She used to spend a lot of time on Instagram but now her favorite form of social media appears to be Snap Chat.  She snaps when she’s tired, when she’s making dinner, when she’s working out, and when she’s working late.  She hustles and I’m all the way here for it.  She also snaps what books she is reading (you know I love a good book), and highlights little sprinkles of knowledge as she goes about her day.  A great quote from her is:

Success is saying: This is really hard, but I am not giving up! ~ @Myleik Click To Tweet


Nicole Walters

Nicole Walters - Top 5 Social Media Stars of 2015

Naptural Nicole aka Scoprah aka every Naturalista’s favorite Monetization Strategist is the Queen of Periscope.  I’ve followed her on Instagram for some time but discovered her Periscopes and am totally hooked!  You will hear her say frequently, “I don’t do free!”  She wants to make money and she wants everyone else to follow in her footsteps.  Let me tell you a little secret about her.  Ssshhhh.  Keep this to yourself and don’t tell anyone.   Nicole absolutely does free!!!  Her periscopes have a ton of free content!  I’ve watched her scopes and taken pages and pages of notes.  As Nicole would say, “Grab your pens, grab your paper!”   She doesn’t brush people off but answers their questions in detail.  If they want more hand holding, then she may direct them to her consulting services.  Make no mistake Nicole Walters is about her online family.    Here’s what I really like about her, she is SUPER transparent.  She gets on Periscope and cries.  I mean bawls.  I mean the ugly cry.  She lets us see all the growing pains, the low moments, and the super high moments that working really hard has afforded her to do.  Nicole reminds me that people can absolutely be themselves and make money.  I would also be remiss if I did not mention her adorable foster tinies!  Those girls are so beautiful.  One has published a book on Amazon already.  Amazing right?  A great quote from her is:

When you affirm things, you are the first one to hear it! ~ @NapturalNicole Click To Tweet


Mattie James

Mattie James - Top 5 Social Media Starts of 2015

Mattie James is super stylish.  She is fly.  I scroll through her Instagram page and just say “fiyah” over and over again.  I love her pictures because it feels like flipping through a sleek magazine.  Not too much.  Not too little.  Just enough style, grace, sophistication, and a little bit of edge to make you say oooohhhhh.  And if that’s not enough, her Periscopes are even better.  You know why?  Because the pretty face speaks and she is SMART.  No foolishness comes out of her mouth.  She’s about her business and on a mission to become a household name.  She’s focused.  She has tunnel vision and is another testament to transparency.  Mattie will tell anyone who asks, “I got laid off and got super focused on my blog.  The end.” illustrates what a clear plan and determination can accomplish.  I also really love that Mattie’s not afraid to share her knowledge.  Her webinars are SUPER under priced (don’t tell her I said that), and jam packed with information.  No fluff anywhere.  Mattie James reminds me to push myself.  One more thing, if you follow her on Snap Chat, you’ll get to see the super adorable Babyologie.  One of her common sayings is:

David your Goliath. ~ @Mattieologie Click To Tweet


The Six Figure Chick - Top 5 Social Media Stars of 2015

Cici aka The Six Figure Chick has an awesome Instagram page.  For the longest time, I did not realize she was also the brains behind the hugely successful website It Starts with Juice.  When I started considering monetizing, I scoured Cici’s Instagram for motivation and reassurance that I could do it.  Seeing other women pick themselves up and build the business and life they want is truly powerful!  She’s also very honest and heartwarming in her scopes.  One of the things I love about Cici is that she has zero time for excuses.  She makes it work as a wife, mother, and cancer survivor.  She absolutely expects everyone to meet her at the same level of performance.  When I think of Cici, I think “don’t waste time.”  I’ve heard Cici say more than once,

It's ok to say no. ~ The Six Figure Chick Click To Tweet

Tiphani Montgomery (Periscope)

Tiphani Montgomery - Top 5 Social Media Stars of 2015

Tiphani Montgomery has an awesome Instagram page but she SHINES on Periscope.  She truly sparkles.  She has no filter.  If you ask a question, you better be ready for Tiphani’s answer!  She will quick, fast, and in a hurry rebuke foolishness in the name of Jesus and keep it moving!  No apologies because she’s been “delivered from people.”  I laugh as I write this.  How many of us need deliverance from people?  Too many to count.   At the end of 2015, Tiphani hosted a free Purpose Planning workshop that can be found on her website.  I cannot even begin to explain how much this webinar blessed me.  I have watched it four times.  She said some things and I KNEW were for me.  I just KNEW it.  That was not the only time I watched Tiphani on Periscope or on a webinar and thought to myself, “was Tiphani in my house today?”  More often than not, her message is right on time.  When I think of Tiphani Montgomery, I think perspective.  She has such an amazing perspective on life.  Her current Periscope biography is, “God first. Family second. Everything else is just noise.”  Now ain’t that the truth?!?!  Tiphani reminds me to block out the noise.

The sentence I’ve heard her say more than any other is:

What are the last five books you've read on that topic? ~ @TiphaniMontgomery Click To Tweet

So there you have it my Dumplin. The five dynamic women I spent a lot of time with in 2015.  Does this give you some insight into the woman I am becoming?  Time will tell.



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