I Have a Three-Year Old!

Dear Dumplin,

Guess what Pumpkin Spice?  (You don’t like it when I call you that.  You say, “I’m not Pumpkin Spice! I’m Isabelle!”  It’s hilarious!)  I have a three-year old!  And you know what?  You are not amused.

Exhibit A:

Dumplin 3rd bday pic 1


Exhibit B:

Dumplin 3rd bday pic 2


You see what I mean?  We had a small (teeny tiny) get together for your birthday in the house.  You did not want to be bothered.  You did not understand why you went to sleep for your nap with an empty house, and woke up to friends and family.  You were not amused.  To be honest, I was embarrassed of your behavior.   Would you look at this:

Exhibit C:

Dumplin 3rd bday pic 3


This was you while we were preparing to sing Happy Birthday to you.  You would rather play with Play-Doh.  Your Auntie said maybe you were overwhelmed by the people.  I think you just weren’t in the mood.  A mess.  BUT, after you warmed up, you were wonderful.  You hugged and kissed everyone as they left.  (In hindsight, was that shade?  I don’t know now…)    Anyhoo, although you weren’t as friendly and inviting as I would have liked, I feel so blessed to have a healthy, smart, intelligent, and loveable three-year old.  You are my baby!

I’ve been working a lot lately and haven’t had the time I usually do to blog.  Don’t worry! I’m going to get back to writing more regularly.  Every day is an adventure with you and I want you to remember all of them.



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