The Natural Coconut & Monoi Line from Design Essentials is Everything!

Design Essentials Coconut Monoi Collection Review on Dear Dumplin Blog

Dear Dumplin,

I must interrupt our National Book Month posts to tell you about some awesome hair products I received.  The Natural Coconut & Monoi line from Design Essentials is everything!  I’m so happy with these products I don’t even know where to begin.

My hair has been getting on my nerves lately.  I have more gray hairs than I care for so I added a temporary color to my hair to cover them up.  Although I love the look, I absolutely hate how my hair feels.  No matter what I do, my hair feels crunchy and dry.  My go to products do not do what I expected them to.  I do not like crunchy hair.  I want soft cottony hair.  I was aggravated.

Enter Design Essentials and their Natural Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Collection!  There are so many things to love about this collection.  The products have a wonderful smell without being overbearing or perfumey.  I especially like that you can layer the products and still not be overwhelmed by a strong smell.  It makes your hair smell fresh.  The products are all natural with no parabens, petrolatum, gluten, or phthalates.  You know I love that!  I’m always looking for ways to limit our family’s use of harsh chemicals.  Finally, the line aims to moisturize dull, dry, and thirsty hair.  You know what?  It delivers!  My hair was all of those things.  Now it feels soft, moisturized, and more like its normal self.


I like every single product but let’s talk about the three products that simply blew me away.  First is the Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Milk Soufflé.  It is a lightweight styler that provided me with moisture as well as curl definition.  The texture of the product is creamy without being too heavy.  My hair likes creamy products a lot.  The best part is that it dried with absolutely no flakes at all (my pet peeve.)   In addition to Sunflower Seed Oil and Shea Butter, the ingredients also list Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, and Glycerin. These are all ingredients that my hair really likes.

DE Deep Moisture Milk Souffle Review Dear Dumplin Blog

Next up is the Coconut & Monoi Coconut Water Curl Refresher. When I tell you I love this stuff, I really do!  I use it every day to fluff my curls in the morning because they are usually mashed up from being underneath my satin bonnet all night.  As a result, this product is perfect for my hectic mornings.  I spray it on my hair before I get in the shower. The combination of steam from the shower and this Curl Refresher brings my curls back to life!  On wash day, I spray this on before I put the Moisture Milk Soufflé on my hair.  Some of the ingredients are Coconut Water, Milk Protein, Chamomile, Coconut Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil.

DE Coconut Water Curl Refresher Dear Dumplin Blog

Lastly, the line comes with an Intense Shine Oil Mist that I just adore!  I’m a huge fan of products that give shine to curly hair because it’s harder for coily hair to reflect light.  Little to no shine is the norm so this oil mist helps.  It’s lightweight, not too greasy, and does not weigh my hair down after using it for a few days.  Some of the ingredients are Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, and Coconut Oil.

DE Coconut Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist Dear Dumplin Blog

All in all, I really don’t have any complaints about this line.  It’s natural, conditioning, moisturizing, and does what it claims it will do.  I will definitely be purchasing replacements once these items run out.  Any product that helps maintain the health of my hair is worth investing in.



PS – On the Design Essentials website, there is an amazing Ledisi Look Book.  You know I love me some Ledisi!  Design Essentials gets me.

Disclaimer: I received the Natural Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Collection by Design Essentials for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are my own

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