Spring Cleaning! 5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

5 tips to get your home ready for spring

Dear Dumplin,

I’m a spring baby.  When I start to feel the weather warm up and Mr. Groundhog says winter is over, I feel like a new woman.  I also love an organized home.  Right before my birthday (go Aries!), I start to look around my house.  Inevitably my response is always the same.  This simply WILL NOT DO!  Easter is coming and I must get ready.  Here are my tips to get your home ready for spring.

  1. Open the windows.  They have most likely been closed all winter.  Even if it is still cold outside, you still need some fresh air.  Put a thick sweater on and open the windows.  Let the air circulate.  Feel spring coming.  Say “thank you.”
  2. Turn some music on and get jamming with your Swiffer Duster!  Dust settles everywhere.  I swear it gets worse in the winter.  I don’t know if it’s the endless hours of artificial heat or the multiple layers of clothes but dust multiplies in the winter.  On a sunny day, open the blinds, lift the curtains, and if the windows are open, I’m sure you will see dust you didn’t know existed.  Take a good look at the tops of hanging picture frames, crown moldings, or any other narrow place where it is easy for dust to settle.  Attack it!
  3. Get rid of clothes that you have not worn in over a year or are of poor quality.  If they look raggedy on the hanger, they are going to look even worse worn.  If it hasn’t fit in over a year, get rid of it.  Make space for the new.  Spring is all about rebirth.   You cannot feel like a new person wearing old raggedy clothes.  This is hard one for me because I love comfort.  I just cannot walk around uncomfortably in the name of cuteness.  But I’m a detriment to myself if I can’t put a little more effort into my appearance.  As a result, I’m being tougher on myself about this.
  4. Go through your kitchen cabinets and/or pantry and get rid of any old or expired food.  You’d be surprised how quickly canned goods or dried foods can go forgotten.  Give your refridgerator a good cleaning with hot water and vinegar.  Nobody likes a nasty fridge!
  5. Get rid of paper you don’t need.  I have to do this more than once a year because I’m simply a paper hoarder. I always worry that the minute I get rid of something, I will need it.  This goes for old magazines too.  (Yes, I still read paper magazines.  I like the way they feel in my fingers.  It’s just not the same electronically!)  Luckily, some counties in New Jersey have paper shred events where you can bring your boxes of paper to be shred and recycled on the spot.  How convenient and cool!

I want you to be able to keep a nice home.  When you are organized, it’s easier to prevent yourself from wasting time looking for things.   Stay organized and take regular inventory of your surroundings so that you can spend the bulk of your time doing other things.  Things you can do once your house is clean and organized?  Give your mama hugs and kisses!  (But you don’t have to wait until your house is clean to do that.  *Smile*)



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