She’s the Boss on Madame Noire is Back!

Angela Benton Shes the Boss Madame Noire

Dear Dumplin,

One of my motivators to start writing to you was that a wanted to provide you with examples of Black excellence.  When I was growing up, I can remember having dreams of being a meteorologist, an architect, and an artist but did not see examples of black women accomplishing these things.  If you see it, it is easier to achieve it.  I’m not saying there weren’t Black women working in these fields while I was growing up, I’m just saying I didn’t know about it.   I think it’s easier to see all the amazing possibilities in life when you have examples and a blueprint to follow.  That’s why I’m super excited She’s the Boss on Madame Noire is back!

She’s the Boss originally had 20 episodes in season 1.  I’m pretty sure I watched every single episode.  Most were hosted by the very stylish Kela Walker, and I enjoyed the spin she put on the interviews.  Now the show is back with a slightly different format.  There is no visible host, and the season is shorter.  There are currently four episodes on their website and I’m not sure how many there will be in the season.  I do know that I’m happy with however many episodes they produce.  These videos are reminders that anything is achievable with hard work and determination.

My favorite episode from the first season is with Carmen Murray:


My favorite episode from this new season is with Angela Benton:

Good stuff right?!! I’m an advocate for diversity in media and this pushes us in the right direction.  Do any of the She’s the Boss videos inspire you?  I hope so!



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