She Crate! The Mommy and Me Play-Date Box

She Crate Subscription Box

Dear Dumplin,

Spending quality time with you is so important.  Making sure this happens is a challenge.  I want to know that when you are older you will not only think that I took good care of you, kept you healthy to the best of my ability and kept you safe, but also have fond memories of us spending time together.  That’s why I’m so excited about She Crate!  The Mommy and Me play-date box!  It’s the first box of it’s kind and I think it’s fantastic.

Recently, quality time with children has become a hot topic.  A mom conducted an experiment counting how many times her sons looked at her for validation, approval, or simply to see if she was paying attention while they played.  How many times did she count?  28.  28!!!  It reiterates the need for activities like those found in She Crate.  Every month Moms will receive activities for arts & crafts, health/beauty, sewing/fashion/accessories, lifestyle surprises and more!!!!  Super cute right?!  AND GET THIS!!! She Crate is giving away a FREE YEAR’S SUBSCRIPTION to one lucky email subscriber.  I know right??!!! Sign-up here.

Not only do I know quality time with you is important, but I know that you will love the activities!  The stuff you come home from school with is amazing.  You always want to help me in the kitchen and just take part in whatever I am doing.  You are not a play by yourself type of child.  You want Mommy and me time and this is made just for that.  I can’t wait to get the first box!  I’ll be sure to write back and tell you about what we did.




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