Princess Cupcake Jones by Lleya Fields

Princess Cupcake Jones Books and Doll

Dear Dumplin,

The next children’s book spotlight in honor of National Book Month is Princess Cupcake Jones by Lleya Fields.  There are three books in the Princess Cupcake Jones series (with another one in the works).  You have the first two books in the series.  To say that you adore these books is an understatement!  There are so many good things to say about Princess Cupcake Jones and the messages she sends so let’s get started.

First, the books are really made well.  You are somewhat rough with your books.   The books come with a hard cover and a paper wrap that you promptly take off.  I like that the books are sturdy enough to handle your endless turning of the pages.  You take these books with you all around the house and they have not fallen apart.

Next, the Princess Cupcake Jones character herself!  Princess Cupcake is royalty living in 6 Garden Place.  She could be in any suburb in America.  She’s cute, inquisitive, opinionated, and loveable.  She sees her Dad working in his office, and her Mom teaching her important life lessons.  It’s a great balance.

Lastly, the books all have the word “love” hidden on each page.  The first few times I read the stories to you, I did not show you the hidden word.  As you got older, I explained to you that the word was hidden and you had to find it.  Wow!  You were like Inspector Gadget searching for the clues.  We could NOT turn the page until you found the word love.  You aren’t reading on your own yet, but if I ask you to spell love, you will!  If you see the word somewhere you say, “L-O-V-E spells love Mommy.”  Isn’t that awesome?!?!

The first in the series is Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu.  As we read it you say, “Where is it?  Where did it go?”  The book teaches kids the importance of keeping things neat and putting things away.  You talk to Cupcake as the story progresses, “That’s a mess!  You need to clean up!”

Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu

The second book in the series is Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go to School.  This book is read EVERY SINGLE night at the moment.  Did I say EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?  Yes, every night.  Before I can even say, “What book do you want to…”


I think you relate to this story because you recently transitioned (not so easily) into a new class at your school.  Seeing Princess Cupcake Jones make a new friend and overcome her fears has made it easier for you to do the same.

Princess Cupcake Jones Wont to to School

The third book in the series is Princess Cupcake Jones and the Queen’s Closet.  I plan to buy this book and keep it for your birthday (that is just around the corner).  I love seeing a cute modern character that’s appropriate for your age and that you can easily relate to.  She’s girly but still likes to have fun and play outside.  She’s well-rounded and has a nice family.  It’s really a fantastic series.




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