Parent Teacher Night – Now What?

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Dear Dumplin,

Parent Teacher night was at your school recently.  It’s my second time attending Parent Teacher night and it always feels so surreal.  I, Joey Nishawn, have a child and must get regular reports on her development.  Crazy!  During the first parent teacher night, you were just one year old.  Your teacher and I talked about meeting your growth milestones and what the next steps were in your toddler development.  Now at almost three years old (this Saturday to be exact), Parent Teacher night entailed a little more.  I was surprised at what your teacher had to say!  Let me explain.

Your teacher Miss Karen is a nice lady.  I like her!  She saw immediately that you were smart, and asked to be able to give you extra work so that you did not get bored.  I agreed.  Fast forward to Parent Teacher Night, and the boredom issue has come up again. So much that you usually are not a class participant but a class helper!  Many of the other children are still learning the alphabet and trying to count to twenty.  You do these two things happily and with ease.  Yes, I am blessed to have a smart child.  At the same time, I don’t want to hinder your potential growth by slowing down, or foster poor behavior due to boredom.  It’s a good problem to have but still a problem.

Do I switch day care centers?  Do I start rigorously supplementing your school work with at home work more than I do now?  Do I just relax and let it unfold?  Do I enroll you into a weekend academic program?  Am I nuts for even thinking this much about it?  I don’t know!

I’ll write back once I make a decision.  In the meantime, would you please stop answering all of the questions for everyone in class?  You have to give someone else a turn sweetie pie!!!




PS – To those reading this, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how I should handle this, and what you did in a similar situation with your child. Thanks!

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