My Top 5 Sites About Money

My Top 5 Sites About Money

Dear Dumplin,

Continuing on April’s money theme, it’s important to have various ways to educate yourself about money.  I hope to be able to teach you about money so that you are able to work smarter for what you want out of life.  I believe in hard work and dedication so you will have to earn what you want.  I will help you as much as I can but I admit that I don’t know everything.  You will have to find out some things on your own.  To help you on your journey, here are my top five websites about money.

  1. – This site is run by Tiffany Aliste and is the perfect starting point for your money journey.  She goes over budgeting, being frugal, and the importance of financial education. What I like about her is that she provides a lot of free information to get you started and is working towards uplifting women.  She also started the to provide women with the tools necessary to accomplish 7 specific financial goals in 36 days.  It is a free challenge to help women reach their financial objectives.  What could be better than that?
  2. – Investopedia’s tagline is “Educating the World About Finance”.   It truly is an encyclopedia of all things financial.  There are hours and hours worth of reading material on this site.  If you are trying to research a specific investment vehicle, this may be a good place for to look.  Get a notebook and take notes!
  3. – This website contains financial and career advice for women.  What I like about the site is that it has a clean layout and is well organized.  I’ve signed up for emails from them and I like the daily tips I receive.  I also like that their goal is not only to help with finances, but to help women have the career of their dreams.
  4. – This site was created by Robert Kiyosaki, author or Rich Dad Poor Dad.  This is a book that I can honestly say changed my life.  I never knew that a concept called “Passive Income” even existed until I read this book.  The website has many other books written by Robert Kiyosaki, articles for women written by his wife Kim Kiyosaki, workshops, radio programs, articles, and tools to help anyone with the desire to become financially independent.
  5.  The Finance Bar is a mobile hub created to give women the tools to empower themselves financially and to make financial investments.  I just discovered this site recently and promptly downloaded the app.  The app is a quick way to help you calculate how much you should be spending on living expenses.  Using it was a reminder for me to keep spending under control so that I can save more.  I hope this type of tool is available when you are of age to use it!

I’m sure we will talk about money a lot of time passes.  More to come.



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