Motherhood, Marriage, and Money

Motherhood Marriage Money

Dear Dumplin,

Although I truly love this blog, it isn’t as organized as I would like. I’ve been trying to figure out my “niche” so to speak to no avail.  I guess I’m considered a Mommy Blogger but for some reason I feel as though that description puts me in a box.  I want you to know who I am as a person and what’s important to me.  Sometimes parents focus so much on keeping our children safe and having them grow up to be a well-rounded good people that we forget to let them see us as people.  I don’t want that to happen between us.

You are too young to understand this now but I believe that if you see me not only as your Mom but as a person, a woman, a professional, an African-American, a daughter, and everything else that I encompass, it will be easier for you to understand yourself.  You will understand why I made the choices I made in your childhood and in your upbringing.  There’s a saying, “You have to know where you come from in order to see where you are going.”  Well I want you to be clear where you come from so that going wherever you decide you belong is a non-issue.  You will be resolute in knowing that you belong wherever you say you belong.  That’s my goal with this blog.  I also want other women to see that they aren’t alone.  Dialog is so important.  Women are natural communicators but there is so much to talk about!  Sometimes important conversations are lost in the shuffle.

When I write about motherhood, marriage, and money, I tingle just a bit.  I get excited.   As a result, I will be writing about those topics a bit more.  And no, I will not stop writing about getting you to use the DOGGONE POTTY.  But, I won’t forget that there are other things I need to discuss as well.

Love you always,


4 thoughts on “Motherhood, Marriage, and Money

  1. I think whatever you share in truth and conviction will be received well, even if it doesn’t “fit.” I stray away from putting myself in a box because that is very limiting and I write what I feel, that’s how I stay authentic. I say go for it…you never know who may need to hear something you haven’t written yet. 🙂
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks so much for that feedback! Knowing that someone is reading and can relate to what I am trying to communicate, truly brings me joy. I stayed away from boxing myself in as well because I have lots of passions and thoughts floating around in my head. However, I struggle getting my message to the people who may need it because I haven’t chosen a specific “niche” if that makes sense… So there lies my conundrum.

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