Mommy’s First Night Out

Dear Dumplin,

Last weekend I spent my first nights away from you since you were born.  I think I was more traumatized than you were!  I spent two nights away from you due to a work retreat for your Daddy.  Off to your grandma’s house you went!

You are one smart and intuitive cookie.  I believe you knew something was different because you kept hugging me and did not let me leave your sight. Even if I went to the bathroom, you would scream until I came back.  That’s not like you.  I dropped you off at daycare on Friday, and did not see you again until Sunday.  I missed you like crazy!

Your Grandma picked you up from DayCare and immediately took you to a restaurant.  She loves to treat you.  I called your Grandma everyday to see what you were doing.  I would text her for little updates throught the day.  On Friday and Saturday you seemed content exploring every nook and cranny in Grandma’s house.  You went up and down the stairs, tried to open the screen door, and ran around.  You went to the park, to the farmer’s market, and exploring in Whole Foods.  Then I’m told you woke up cranky on Sunday.  Were you ready to see Mommy and Daddy and sleep in your own bed?  I believe so.  When we got to Grandma’s house you ran to us.  I was so happy to see your face!  You grabbed Daddy’s hand with one arm, and mine with the other. Then, and like the old lady you are, you lead us to the door.

Where else will you lead us?  Only time will tell.



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