Mogul Mommies

Mogul Mommies

Dear Dumplin,

The Mogul Mommies is a lifestyle blog catering to moms who juggle it all.  A Mogul Mommie is defined as  “a powerful and influential woman whose power is derived from experience and skill, not popularity.”

Two weeks ago my first contribution to the Mogul Mommies went live.  What a proud moment!  I’ve been working in corporate america for 19 years and have experienced many things throughout that time.  Coupled with my long educational journey and life experiences, I do have a lot to say about various aspects of business.  I’m happy to express my thoughts in a way that may help another woman on her journey and that the Mogul Mommies find value in my opinion.

My first post entitled “5 Tips to Build or Revamp Your Personal Brand” can be found here.

My more recent post entitled “10 Things You Should Know About Working from Home” can be found here.

I’m excited for the future.



PS – If anyone would like me to write about a specific topic in the business, money, or finance realm, leave your thoughts below.

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