Migraines Suck

Dear Dumplin,

Migraines suck.  I’ve suffered from migraines as early as I can remember.  I remember having a migraine for about a week straight as a teenager.  Your grandma took me to the hospital and scan after scan, they could not find anything wrong.  It was then I learned that I had to monitor certain triggers in order to minimize how often I would get these migraines.  I’ve gotten better at monitoring my headache triggers since then but I make mistakes from time to time.

I will get a nasty headache if I don’t drink enough water, don’t eat at regular intervals, eat something really bad for my body, don’t go to the bathroom regularly, or smell bad perfume or air freshener for too long.  I also tend to get a headache if I stare at a computer or TV too long or read too long without my reading glasses.  Out of all of those things, stress remains my number one trigger.  Unfortunately as an Aries and an introvert, being in my own head too much is something I still struggle with.  This happened to me yesterday and put me in the bed by 11:30 am.  Many years ago a Doctor told me that I don’t have typical migraines.  Instead, I have stress headaches that trigger migraines.  I don’t see white spots like some people do, but I get nauseous and dizzy.  I get extremely sensitive to light and sound.  A dark quiet room is all I need.  It’s horrible.  I have a lot going on at work and you are kind of fighting a runny nose.  (Allergies maybe?  I can’t tell.)  Anyhoo, I thought myself right into a migraine.  Ughhh.

Although migraines are ridiculously painful, I am more annoyed that I allowed myself to get so worked up that I made myself sick.  I’m disappointed in myself.  Smh.  Try not to worry so much ok?  It’s usually never worth it.



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