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Michelle Robinson Symmetrxxx

Dear Dumplin,

For my last post about Artist Appreciation month, I’d like to show you some pieces that I’ve been patiently waiting for the opportunity to buy.  Michelle Robinson is another self taught artist whose work I find to be geometric, detailed, and womanly. They are extremely complex and appear to take a lot of thought and technique.  They feel mathematical and I like that about them.  They are emotional yet scientific all at the same time.  If I have my way, I’ll have an original piece of hers sooner than later.  My only problem?  Her work sells out quickly!  No worries though.  I’m determined.  One of the most unique things Michelle has done is start to paint wearable art.  She makes hand painted one-of-a-kind necklaces that are distinctly unique.  It’s a beautiful way to allow people to showcase her talent at a fraction of the cost.  I have to admit, if I bought a piece of her wearable art, I could not wear it.  I’d most likely put it in a shadow box and display it somewhere in the house.  I’d be too frightened that I would lose it or worse, break it!

Take a look:

Michelle Robinson Art Wear

Michelle Robinson Mayana

Michelle Robinson ValeA

Michelle Robinson MInna


Which one do you like best?




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