Iyanla Vanzant & The Apollo WOW Festival!

Iyanla Vanzant

Dear Dumplin,

Next Friday, June 12, I will be seeing Iyanla Vanzant at the legendary Apollo Theater as part of the WOW (Women of the World) Festival.  I’m so excited!  For all of the years I lived in Harlem I can only remember going inside of the Apollo Theater once. Your Auntie Aisha worked there and got me in to see Amateur Night.  We laugh to this day about the funny acts we saw. But back to Iyanla…

Apollo WOW Festival

Ms. Vanzant has written many books but my favorite is and always will be Acts of Faith.  This little purple book changed my life.  It was lent to me in 1996 by a coworker and I devoured that book in a few days.  I returned the book and promptly bought myself my own copy.  I read, and reread that book. I loved it.  It also introduced me to self-help and personal development in a way that changed my life.  I lent the book to people and each time never got the book back!  It is that good!  After 4 or 5 times of this happening, I finally bought the hard cover and simply do not lend it out.  It belongs to me and that is it.  I’ve read some of Ms. Vanzant’s other books but Acts of Faith is the one I hold most dear.  I’m so elated at the opportunity to hear this woman speak live that I can’t even take it.  I have no idea what she is going to talk about or what she is going to say and I don’t care.  I CANNOT WAIT.  Counting down the days while I sing “It’s Showtime…. At the Apollo” in my head.



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  1. Hope you have a ball! I will have to check that book out! I plan to hear Ms. Vanzant speak at the Essence Festival in New Orleans in a few weeks and I can’t wait 🙂

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