Love is What it Does

Love is what it does - Dear Dumplin

Dear Dumplin,

Death is never easy.  It’s particularly harder to deal with when it happens around the holiday season.  Your Uncle-in-Law passed away recently.  Yes, he was in his seventies, but his death was somewhat unexpected. During his home going service, the pastor described Uncle Sammy as a loving man.  He went on to say that Sam was a man of little words but big action. Why is this important?  Because “Love is What it Does.”

Love is a verb.  It requires action.  Demonstration.  Some people are really good at telling others how much they care for them, but not good at showing it.  Some are really good at showing people how much they care, but can’t seem to say, “I love you.”  Hearing someone discuss the act of loving someone at a funeral, touched me.  Do my actions match my spirit?  What will people say if I were to pass away?  Do my loved ones know that I care for them?  I hope so.

I decided this year not to make New Year’s resolutions.  Instead, I am just going to decide to make changes in my life and act upon them.  If I need to make tweaks during any year moving forward, I will change at that time.  No waiting for an arbitrary time frame to go about living.  Just live.  Just act.  It’s important to actively plan in order to move goals from wishes to reality.  As a result, I will be more conscious about expressing through my words and actions.  I want people to know that I care for them and love them.

I’m happy and blessed to let the world know I love you.  No matter what happens, no matter how many tantrums, good days and bad, you are my Dumplin.  Seems obvious right?  Not exactly.  Funerals bring out good and bad in people.  You can always look around and see in people’s eyes that they have unanswered questions and unsaid words.  It’s frightening.  Terrifying even.  The idea of never having another moment to say that one thing you always meant to say and thought you would have the time to.  So here it is in black and white:  I originally wanted this blog to be about self-esteem and empowerment and it will continue to be that.  In between all that, is pure love.  Never let anyone tell you differently.  Remember, Love is What it Does.



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