I’m Getting Old Because The Doctor Said So

Dear Dumplin,

I’m getting old because the Doctor said so.  Ok, I’m exaggerating.  The Doctor did not say I’m getting old  I’ve been extremely tired for a while now so I went to the Doctor to have some tests.  Turns out I’m anemic, need to lose weight, and my vitamin D levels are low.  So in addition to vitamins, I now need to take iron and vitamin D supplements.  I don’t like taking any type of pill at all.  I have a memory as a child of riding in the back of a car at night and someone giving me a peppermint ball.  I put the ball in my mouth and sucked away happily.  The car goes over a bump and the peppermint ball gets lodged in my throat.  Everyone starts yelling, my mom starts screaming.  Panic ensues!!!  Then they realize I can breathe, I’m just extremely freaked out.  The solution is to give me liquids to dissolve the hard candy.  It took a while, but the water did the trick without a trip to the emergency room.  I did not eat hard candy for YEARS after that.  I still have issues with swallowing pills.  Your Dad teazes me about it to this day.  So there’s that.

And then the fact that I love to eat.  Yes, I know that I’m over weight and have been working on it.  The problem?  I’m greedy.  But, I like health food.  When I set my mind to it, I can successfully lose weight and keep it off and have done so in the past.  Fast forward post baby (aka you.) I’m too doggone big.  I know it.  And I’m just so tired…  All the time.  And it makes me feel old.

I think that’s why the podcast I mentioned in my last post to you hit a sore spot with me.  I know I  should work out more, but I’m tired.  If I have the chance to sleep or work out, I’m choosing sleep.  Each and every time.  You are not a dainty sit down little girl.  No ma’am.  You want to run and play and spin around and dance and everything in between.  I cannot simply be a bystander.  I must participate each and every time. You insist upon it.  So I oblige.  And as soon as you go to sleep?   I go to sleep.  I can’t nap during the week because I work.  But on the weekends?  I nap!  Not on the sofa either.  No ma’am.  I get in the bed and wrap myself up as if it were night-time.  I’ve always loved sleep.  If you ask your Mema she will tell you I got the sleep gene quite fairly from both sides of the family.  It’s in my DNA she will say.  I can’t help it.  Or can I?  Time will tell.   All I can say is I can’t go on like this.  It’s like my body can’t keep up with all the things my brain wants to do.  Sometimes I lay down to sleep and just lay there.  My brain won’t stop to let me sleep but my body is too tired to get up.  Ugh.  I need to get this under control asap.  I’ll let you know how it goes.



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