I Miss School and You Want No Parts of It

I Miss School You Want No Parts

Dear Dumplin,

Continuing on with September’s theme of school and education, I realize I really miss college. I don’t miss studying all night or doing homework assignments that I have absolutely no interest in.  However, I do miss going to a place at regular intervals and collaborating with like minded people. You my dear are on the opposite end of the spectrum. You’ve graduated to a new class and want no parts of it. What the contrast!

For most of my college experience, I was a night student.  My classmates worked during the day just like me, and were extremely focused (sometimes just like me).  They all had goals to accomplish and were focused on getting good grades and graduating on time or even early.  I think that’s what I miss the most.  Your goal these days?  To go back to your old class. The transition to get you to accept your new class has not been easy AT ALL.  Your best friend has not moved up to the next class yet and you simply do not understand why you can’t go with your friend. You are happy every morning until you realize you aren’t going to your old classroom.

“I don’t want to go upstairs Mommy. I want to stay down here.”

Then the negotiations begin.  Once the negotiations break down, screaming ensues.  It’s stressful for me because it shows me that although you are exceptionally bright, you are still just a cute 2 year old with dimples.  At your school most kids don’t get moved up until after they have turned three but you were bored.  You are about 80% potty trained, and know your alphabet, colors, and shapes. We are also building on your sight words.  You needed to be moved to the next class in order to keep getting challenged but you hate it!  By the time I pick you up in the evening, you are happy and excited to tell me all about your day.  You even had homework this week!

Dumplin Has Homework

Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?

I know moving you up was the right thing to do but that doesn’t mean watching you scream every morning doesn’t hurt.  And even though you’re happy by the time I pick you up, it doesn’t mean I didn’t worry ALL DAY LONG about it.

I’ll be happy when this phase is over and you are back to loving school in the morning.



PS – Has anyone gone through this with their children?  I’d love to receive your input in the comments!

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