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I Know I Can on IndieGoGo

Dear Dumplin,

Remember when I told you last year about the amazing book idea I Know I Can? Well it didn’t get funded at that time and I was kind of bummed out.  But guess what? Veronica Chapman is back with a new plan to get this book published and I couldn’t be more pleased!

By now I’m sure you know how strongly I believe in the power of the written word.  And I’ve written to you before about the importance of children recognizing themselves in the literature they read.  That’s why I really want this book to get published!  Little by little I’m building your library.  I want you to have a vast array of books to read.  I want you to be entertained, challenged, and enlightened by literature.  You absorb so much in that brain of yours.  Having books that reflect how you see yourself can only help you grow.

Veronica has gotten even more creative this time around.  In addition to awards for supporting the campaign, there is now a store to purchase images with Little Faith.  What should I get you?  A water bottle?  A notebook?  A t-shirt?  I haven’t decided yet.

Little Faith from I Know I Can by Veronica Chapman

The images are gorgeous and were created by the uber talented artist Daveia Odoi.  She has created many products geared towards women of color.  It truly is a win win.  (Check out Daveia’s products and services here.)

I Know I Can Sharing

I’m truly excited for this book to get published.  A quote from the book listed on the campaign page says,

“At the tender age of two mama said, ‘Baby, with God there’s nothing you can’t do.’ And I believed her…” ~ Faith

Aren’t those words the epitome of everything I’m trying to tell you by writing to you?  You can do anything.  Prayer, discipline, and excellence are all you need.  Faith knows it too!  The campaign ends on April 4th and the book will be mailed by the end of November.  Just in time for the holidays!  Look for it in your Christmas stocking.



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