I Hope

Dear Dumplin,

I found this beautifully written post on the blog “Life Letters | Listen to Your Mother” that I thought was simply fantastic.  It made me think, what are all the things I hope, dream, and wish for you?  When I was brainstorming about what I wanted this blog to be, I originally named it “What I Want Her to Know.”  Isn’t that really what parenthood to a little girl is?  Trying to teach a precious jewel everything you want them to know while they still listen?  I’m sure I will have to make multiple posts because I believe a Mother’s hopes and dreams for her daughter are infinite.  However, I’m gonna get started.

I hope you never lose your love of laughter.

I hope you stay silly.

I hope you love to learn.  The sky is just the beginning for the inquisitive mind.

I hope you love to read in nooks wrapped up in cozy blankets.

I hope you keep your love of dance.

I hope you make friendships that last lifetimes.

I hope you are a loyal friend.

I hope you learn how to drive early.  Being able to get around on your own is the ultimate freedom.

I hope you learn how to manage your money early and learn the beauty of passive income.

I hope you make your own money and never have to work a job you loathe just to make the ends meet.

I hope you love your family, and maintain relationships with your relatives for all of your days.

I hope you never doubt what you see in the mirror is beautiful.

I hope you love your hair.  I REALLY HOPE you love your kinks, curls, and waves as much as I do.

I hope you have your own sense of style and love clothes.

I hope you know you can do whatever you put your mind too. Focus, determination, and discipline are really all you need.

I hope you know you are loved by too many people to count.

I hope you know you were and are prayed for.

I hope you know that God is real.

I hope you go to college and are able to go to the school of your choice.

I hope you find your professional calling early in life.  When you are operating in your purpose, things seem to work in your favor.

I hope you know the power of the spoken word.  Chose your words carefully.

I hope you know the power of the written word.  Write often.  Your brain is a muscle that must be exercised.

I hope you continue to love food the way you love it now.

I hope you know how to cook and enjoy it.

I hope you find someone you can trust with your life.

I hope you travel and see the world.

I hope you experience a deep and true love and that person loves you back.

I hope you keep a clean and organized house.

I hope you never forget to take care of yourself.  It’s like that saying, put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Then help those around you.

I hope you take risks in life.  Nothing dangerous, just adventurous.

I hope you learn how to swim and ride a bike.

I hope you love Harlem the way I do.

I hope you speak multiple languages.

I hope you have children, then watch them have children, then watch your children’s children have children.

I hope you feel resolute in your place and purpose on this earth.  You are here for a reason.

I hope you are gracious and careful with people’s feelings.

I hope you love school and never stop learning.

I hope you love jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

I hope you realize that moms are people too.

More hopes to come…



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  1. Love your list! My favorite is, “I hope you have children, then watch them have children, then watch your children’s children have children.” So beautiful.

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