Happy Haitian Flag Day!

Haitian Flag Day

Dear Dumplin,

The Haitian flag is a symbol of pride for Haitians living all around the world.  I recently learned that the version we see now has been in use since 1806.  Prior to that, the flag had a white stripe in addition to a red stripe and a blue stripe.  The white stripe was removed by  Jean-Jacques Dessalines to symbolize the end of colonial rule.  You see, Haiti is the first independent Black Republic to gain freedom from slavery by revolt.  Now, Haitian flag day is used to celebrate Haitian culture, food, history, music, and all of the other beautiful things Haiti has to offer.   Not only does the flag include red and blue stripes but it also has a picture of the Haitian coat of arms.

Know your history and celebrate it because there is power in knowing.




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