Halloween Has Me Stressed!

Halloween Has Me Stressed - Dear Dumplin

Dear Dumplin,

Halloween has me stressed!  I find myself worrying about your costume even though I know it is such a frivolous thing.  Silly right?  I wonder will you like your costume, will you be scared of it, will you have fun?  You have a Halloween parade at your school on Friday and I find myself being worried!  Let me start from the beginning.

On your first Halloween you were a cupcake.  I thought the costume was sooooo cute when I saw it in the store.  I thought, “Awwww!  My little cupcake!”  When I put it on for Halloween, it didn’t look that much like a cupcake anymore.  Your Uncle Seth directly said, “Uh uh that looks weird.”  Fail number one.

Dumplins First Halloween - Dear Dumplin

On your second Halloween, I dressed you as a bee like I mentioned here.  I was very happy with my choice because I just KNEW you would look super cute.  But alas!  You were scared of the wings and wanted no parts of the cute bouncing bee headband.  Yes, you looked adorable, but I considered it fail number two.

Dumplins Second Halloween - Dear Dumplin

This Halloween you will almost be three years old.  You have strong opinions of what you want to wear, how you want to wear it, and what color it should be. (Dresses, on your head, and purple.)  Will you like your costume?  I don’t know!  If you don’t like your costume, it will be a long day at school and you will not be happy during the parade.  The school sent a memo home saying please make sure the costume is easy for you to go to the bathroom in.  There goes the princess costume I imagined.  So I decided on an easy to pull on Doc McStuffins costume.  You like Doc McStuffins but do you want to dress like her?  I have no idea!  You like dresses and sparkles and are a girly girl.   Will it be enough?  I don’t know and I’m stressed about it!  Am I putting too much thought into this?  Probably! But that’s ok.





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