Dumplin Reads


Dumplin Reads

Dear Dumplin,

You are officially reading and I am so proud of you.  I feel exceptionally blessed that you have crossed this threshold.  To be completely honest, you were reading before I realized you could read.  We read daily and I assumed you had the books memorized.  I took you to the library and picked out several books to switch up our routine.  Your Dad started to read a book to you and you ended up reading it to him!

Your Dad came to me very carefully and said,

“Joey… Do you know that Izzy can read?”

“Izzy can’t read!”

“Yes, she can.”

“No, she can’t!  She just has the books memorized.”

“But she just read the new library book.”

“Then she must have the book at school.  I will ask her.”

So after school that day, I casually asked you about the book:

“Izzy, do you like the books Mommy got you from the library?”

“Yes Mommy!  I love the library!”

“Well Daddy says you read him a story yesterday.  Is that true?”

“Yes, Mommy.  I read the whole thing to Daddy!  I read him a night-night story!”

“Have you seen the book before?  Do you have that book at school?”

“Mommy.  We just got it from the library.  It’s a new book from the library.  Are we going to get more?”

“But Izzy, did you read that book already?  Do you have that book in your class?”

Answering me annoyed now you answer, “MOMMY.  We got the book at the library.  We go to the library!  Not school!”

“Ok, baby ok.”

Even then, I was still not convinced!  So I picked a different book from the library and asked you to read it to me.  You read it to me fairly easily with little help.  To be fair, I’m writing this post close to your fourth birthday but you have been reading for several months.  The story I tell you above, happened at the beginning of the year.

It’s surreal to see that our work is paying off so early.   I used the above picture for this post because you reading at three is SO MUCH VALIDATION FOR ME.  People didn’t understand why I started reading to you so early.  I asked for cards instead of books.  I had a strategy to make you love reading and it’s working!  I know that a strong reader can learn anything and teach themselves anything.  I want you to have no question AT ALL that you can accomplish what you want.  You are turning four years old next month and I truly believe that the sky will be no limit for you.



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