She Crate Subscription Box Review

She Crate Box Review Dear Dumplin Blog

Dear Dumplin,

Our She Crate Subscription Box arrived and goodness did we have fun!  In true three-year-old Dumplin fashion, you did not wait for me to show you what to do and immediately said “LET ME DO IT!”  Just like She Crate says, we had a fun “play date” with an easy crafting activity.  Once we opened the package, we were greeted by a cute pink box and a post card.

She Crate Box Review Dear Dumplin Blog

The tissue paper and the sticker made the box look well put together and neat.  You certainly don’t care about stuff like that but I do!  Once the box was opened, we were able to take a look at the supplies.  We received three “glass” slippers, mod podge, a container of red glitter, pink and yellow glitter stars, adhesive stick-ons for the stars, a pink notebook, and a pretty sparkle pen.  Once you ripped open the stickers, that was it for you.   You decided where the stars should go and put them on the shoes yourself.  When I suggested we add more to the slippers, you said, “NO!  I need to wear them!”  I tried to explain you don’t wear them but you did not want to hear it.  I was able to take a quick picture of our results.

She Crate Box Review Dear Dumplin Blog

How cute!  Then when you realized you could not wear them, that meant a doll needed to.  Your doll of choice?  Princess Cupcake Jones of course!

She Crate Box Review Dear Dumplin Blog

I did not dare argue with you.  You played with Princess for a while then seemed to remember your notebook and pen.  I asked what you were writing and you kindly told me, “Just a second Mommy.  I need to do my work.”

She Crate Box Review Dear Dumplin Blog


So there you have it Sweetie.  Work hard.  Play harder!




Disclaimer:  She Crate provided me with this box for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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