Clear Essence Soap and Lotion

Dear Dumplin,

Growing up I had eczema. It would get really bad during the summer and itch behind my knees, ears, and in the creases of my arms.  It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I got control of my eczema by avoiding dietary triggers like chocolate, peanut butter, orange juice, and other highly acidic foods. The second thing I changed was my skin care products.  When I started to use brands that treated my skin well, I saw a huge improvement.  That’s why I was excited to try Clear Essence soap and lotion! These moisture infused products smell great and are gentle. With ingredients like shea butter, milk, and honey, I knew they would be worth the investment in my time to try them.

Let’s start with the soap. I usually buy a mild liquid castile soap for you. The challenge is using it sparingly. I did not have any issues with waste using the Clear Essence Baby Soothing Milk Bar soap. I was able to let you bathe yourself and scrub away.  It made a nice lather and covered you in a fresh scent that wasn’t too overpowering. It also did not strip the skin or make it overly dry.

Once we finished with bath time, it was off to try the lotion. The softening baby lotion is a light cream without too much grease. It rubs on easily and leaves you with a gentle fresh scent.  You love squeezing lotion and rubbing it into your legs and arms.  I love that it’s a product geared to the unique and special skin care needs of people of color.  In fact, Clear Essence is a Black Owned company and has been since it’s inception in 1989.   I find pride in knowing that a black owned business has created high quality products just for us.

When I say us, I do mean us!  I try all of your soaps and lotions before I give them to you.  My theory is that if it doesn’t irritate my skin, then it won’t irritate yours.  Truthfully, my skin is way more sensitive than yours.  If Mommy can use it, then so can you!  Right now we are using the milk and honey products.  What scent should we try from Clear Essence next?



Disclaimer: I received the Clear Essence Milk and Honey baby lotion and Baby Soothing Milk Bar Soap for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are my own

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