Brooklyn Dolly – Artist Spotlight

Brooklyn Dolly's Magic
Brooklyn Dolly’s Magic

Dear Dumplin,

The next artist in my Art Appreciation Month spotlight is Brooklyn Dolly.  I met Erin at International Natural Hair Meet Up day last year, and purchased some of her post cards.  I intended to mail them but ended up keeping them for myself.  They are just so lovely!  Take a look:

Brooklyn Dolly post cards

Wouldn’t you agree?

What I like about her pieces is that they have a distinct look and feel.  They are whimsical, colorful, feminine, and always leave me feeling happy after I look at them.  Erin is a trained Fashion Designer.  I can see from her work that she lives and breaths design and creativity.  I suspect I will be purchasing more items from her very very shortly.  Here are some more of her breathtaking images.

Brooklyn Dolly's Petite Twins
Brooklyn Dolly’s Petite Twins


Brooklyn Dolly's Sunday Girl
Brooklyn Dolly’s Sunday Girl


Brookly Dolly's Bolero
Brookly Dolly’s Bolero


Beautiful right?



2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Dolly – Artist Spotlight

  1. I am thinking of framing my post cards that came with an original painting I purchased from an artist. Maybe you can frame yours? They would look nice grouped together on a wall.

    1. Great minds think alike! I am planning to get a shadow box to display the post cards in. They are truly beautiful. I like the paper too!

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