Beauty Reframed

Dear Dumplin,

This past Saturday I went to an awesome brunch at the Exo Cafe hosted by Nicole Mondestin and Nicole Summers called Beauty Reframed.  What an awesome experience!  A dynamic duo, one photographer and one makeup artist, the afternoon was spent defining beauty, eating, talking, and just having a positive and encouraging time.

First, your Aunties and I rarely get a chance to do something for us.  An afternoon just for the girls was just what we needed!

Aunties and I at Beauty Reframed

Fun was not the only name of the game.  Once inside, we learned how to properly apply makeup, how to take good pictures including good selfies, what beauty really means, and that we need to define beauty individually and not rely on the media.  Laughs were had and even some tears.  No worries though!  These were blessed tears in a safe space of beautiful women empowering one another.

The menu was awesome and delicious.  I had the Quesadilla Omelet with no bacon.  (And of course I had coffee over alcohol.  Can’t pass on the chance for nice, warm, caffeinated, deliciousness. But I digress…)

Exo Cafe Brunch Menu

There were raffles GALORE.  Everyone at our table won a gift.  I walked away with these beautiful Toni Daley earrings and so did your Auntie Aline.

Toni Daley Earrings

Your Tati Patricia won a free image consulting session with Elesia of Love Your Uniquness Image Consulting.  How exciting!!!!

Beauty Reframed VIP Goodie Bag

The VIP goodie bag was super awesome and well put together.  No complaints at all.  It included brands like Madrich Designs, Yogi Tea, Madina Soaps, Sewl Customs, and Elf Cosmetics.

Mellow Vibe Candles

Lastly, there were two vendors.  I didn’t get to see one of them but I did buy some candles from Christina of  Mellow Vibe Candles.  They smell super yummy.  One is called Pink Lemonade and the other is called Dainty Lady. They smell soooo good.  I wish there was a way for me to put the smell on the screen.  She even sold handmade car fresheners in the shape of an Afro Queen.  So creative!!!  I really hope after Nicole M. and Nicole S. get some rest after putting on such an awesome event, they get started planning the next one!






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