Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ

Dumplin and Family at the Aquarium

Dear Dumplin,

For my birthday this year, I requested a family activity. Off to Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ we went!! I can’t even describe what a nice time you and I had with your Dad and your Uncle Seth. Why a trip to the aquarium for my birthday you ask? It’s simple really… Read on and let me explain.

Sometimes adults forget to enjoy the small moments in life. We can get so caught up in huge goals and long term plans that we forget to just enjoy the moment! Every day is a blessing.  Every morning you wake up healthy and can do whatever you choose, is a gift. Don’t squander it. I thought a family activity with laughter and fun was just what we needed and I was right (as Mom’s often are)!  All four of us had a blast!

Mommy and Dumplin at the Aquarium

First let me say you and I are the Princess and Queen of silly.  We laughed most of the day.  The above is us taking an “usie” in front of a fish tank.  We were so busy looking at ourselves that I forgot to make sure you could see the fish in the background.  LOL Also, as much as there was fun there was DRAMA!

Cleaning the Sting Ray tank Aquarium

I mean look at these people cleaning the Ray tank!  DRAMATIC!  I needed popcorn for that moment.  They were just chillin and scrubbing and I was stressed!  You screamed “Mommy get the man out of there!”  I laughed because we were thinking the same thing.  I salute those brave employees.

Hippo Time at the Aquarium

The hippos stole the show!  They are so fun to watch (as long as they are behind a strong partition.)  I believe your Uncle Seth had the most fun out of all of us.  He kept following the hippos back and forth while taking pictures and snapping the experience.  Then it was feeding time! The hippos got a healthy snack of broccolli and watermelon.  CHOMP.  CHOMP.  CHOMP.   You kept saying, “Mommy he’s HUNGRY!”  Yes, my dear.  He was hungry, very hungry.

Turtles at the Aquarium

My favorite part was of course the turtles because Mommy likes turtles!  I’m not really sure why I love turtles so much.  Ever since I saw them laying on the black sand beaches in Hawaii, they are my favorite.  They just look so wise.  They are never in a hurry.  Turtles seem to know they are going to get where they need to.

Uncle Seth and Dumplin at the Aquarium

We had such a great time and I feel very blessed to have been able to share my day with you, your Dad, and your Uncle.  I would go to Adventure Aquarium again any time.  It was such a good way to learn new things while spending time together and having fun.

Where should we go next?



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