A Halloween Poem for Dumplin

Photo via Kids Yoga Stories

Dear Dumplin,

Would you believe I still remember a Halloween poem I wrote in grade school?  I don’t remember which grade exactly, but I know I went to the Halloween concert dressed as a witch by wearing one of your Mema’s dresses and a witches hat from Woolworths.  (Yes honey, Woolworths!)  There was a contest to write a Halloween poem and the winner got the entire class to recite their poem during the Halloween assembly.  Guess who won?  Me!  The class ended up reciting my poem as a rap (insert side eye here for the only Black Girl’s poem being made into a rap.)  But anyhoo, here it is:

Jack o’ Lanterns going blink blink blink

Witches going wink wink wink

Everyone is scared and staying in their houses

Black cats chasing little sneaky mouses

A boy dares to go out of his house

While ghosts and goblins are flying about

He walks past a graveyard and what does he see?

The little boy says, I see me!

He looks again and sees a witch stirring brew

She drops it on the floor it turns to cobweb stew

The little boy runs back to his house

Under his bed he sees a mouse

What day is it today because of all that I’ve seen?

I know what day it is!  It’s Halloween!


Happy Halloween Pumpkin Dumplin Doodle!



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