10 of My Favorite Songs from the 1990’s

10 of My Favorite Songs from the 1990s

Dear Dumplin,

What better way to end Black Music Month than with a bunch of 90’s songs that I love.  Here are 10 “Jamz” (because that’s what we used to call them in the 90’s) that will never go out of style to me.  I wish I loved the music made today as much as I loved new music back then.  It’s just not the same.  Oh well.  Enjoy!

  1. Guy


  2. BBD


  3. SWV


  4. Jade


  5. En Vogue


  6. New Edition  (This song was released in 1988 but I needed to add it!)


  7. Hi-5


  8. Spread my Wings by Troop  (This was released in 1989 but again, I had to add it!)


  9. TLC


  10. Janet Jackson



PS- Should I add anything to this list?  Let me know!

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