5 Things I Learned by Sending You to Day Care

5 Things I Learned by Sending You to Day Care

Dear Dumplin,

As  much as I have learned to love that you go to day care, there was a steep learning curve to get to this point.  People can tell you what to expect but there is no greater teacher than going through something yourself.  Here are the five things I have learned by sending you to day care.

  1. Professionalism matters in a day care facility.  Teachers can get too comfortable and forget that it is your child, not theirs.  Be friendly, but keep your boundaries.  It’s your child so make sure you get what you need from a day care facility.
  2. You really can’t have enough stuff.  I had no idea how much clothes you would need and I am still surprised at how quickly you grow out of everything.  When you were a baby, you got messy with food and leaky diapers.  Now that you are almost three years old, your clothes get dirty from playing outside and from potty training whoopsies.  It’s a mess!  I’ve learned to buy quality but not too expensive because you need a lot.  I need extra clothes for home and school.  I keep wipes everywhere because at any moment there could be a mess. Who knew?
  3. You pick behavior up from other children.  You asked if you could have the iPad and I said no because you had just watched T.V. (I don’t like too much screen time.)  I told you to play with your toys, color, or read a book.  You yelled, “Well you’re not my best friend!”  Well excuuuuussssseee me!  Sometimes I will be your best friend.  Sometimes, I will not.  Nevertheless, I will ALWAYS be your mother.  You may not always like me, and that’s ok.
  4. I can’t control what you see or hear.  I wasn’t expecting this lesson so soon and I feel like this fact snuck up on me.  I’m very particular about the cartoons I allow you to watch.  Not all cartoons are appropriate and some of them have horrible content.  For example, I’m not a fan of The Little Mermaid.  (Too many subliminal messages to describe here.  That’s a whole other blog post.)  I’ve let you watch some other Disney shows and movies but not all of them.  We went to a child’s birthday party and you started telling me about Ariel and how she’s a mermaid and a princess.  When did you learn this?  When did you see this movie?  I have absolutely no idea.
  5. You will get sick.  Oh my goodness you get sick!  I took you to the doctor thinking something was really wrong at one point and the doctor said you are one of the healthiest kids she has!  Go figure!  One day you are perfectly healthy and the next day?  Sick!  There is no rhyme or reason.  And guess what?  Flu season starts in September!  Not winter but September because that’s when new kids come to your school and they move the kids up to the next class.  New routines and new children means you are exposed to new germs.

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At your age, there are not many medicines you can take.  Keeping you from getting sick is the ideal but not always possible.  Now there is a way to help alleviate your discomfort as you heal because unfortunately, getting sick is inevitable.  Now I feel a little more prepared as we head full speed into flu season.  I can give you something to make you feel better without worrying about putting harsh chemicals into your body.  I hope you appreciate these products as much as I do!




Disclaimer:  You should consult with your child’s pediatrician and/or a medical professional before giving any new supplements or medicines to your child.  I am NOT a medical professional.  I received Kids Relief and Kids Xlear products for review purposes only.  All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

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