3 Things “The Alchemist” Taught Me

The Alchemist

Dear Dumplin,

I read the Alchemist in 2011 and was moved by it immensely.  I wrote about it and kept the words in the forefront of my mind for a few months.  Then slowly, the ideas withered away.  I was recently reminded of this book by Siobhan over at the Be Free Project because it is a book in her “52 Books in a Year Challenge.”  I read it again and was so happy I did!  When I first wrote about this book, I listed five of my favorite quotes.  Now, I’d like to tell you three things I was reminded of by re-reading it.

  1. Sometimes your gut will tell you to do something totally illogical. That’s ok.

  2. Down does not mean out.  Regroup and keep moving forward.  A small step is still a step.

  3. You are never alone although sometimes you will feel as though you are.  Friends tend to show up when you need them.

I can already tell that I have passed my love of reading down to you.  I hope that never changes.



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