2017 Was All About Change

Dear Dumplin,
Happy New Year! I know I haven’t written to you in a while and I apologize.  2017 was one of those years where I barely had time to think. If I had to give 2017 a word, it would be change.
In March, the law firm I had worked for nearly 10 years announced it was discontinuing my division. We would all be laid off by the end of the year. A week or so later, some partners announced they would start their own firm and take some staff members with them. Yes, I was asked to go to the new firm and felt extremely blessed. However, I must admit that the stress of losing my job, then the announcement of being part of a start-up, then the work of transitioning over to a new organization was extremely stressful.
At the same time, you were graduating pre-K, and I had to decide if I would send you to private school. This was a huge decision. You may recall here where I talked about the kindergarten cut off.  Since you were born after October 1st, I had to decide if you would do pre-K again, or if I would pay for private school. I didn’t want to push you too early, but I didn’t want to waste the momentum you gained.  I struggled with this decision a lot. Then one day you said. “Mommy? I want to go to a new school. A school with more learning. This school is boring. I just play. I want to learn something new!” And just like that, decision made. Your Dad and I enrolled you in a bilingual school to learn French. We figured if you learned nothing else, you could learn words to help you communicate with your Haitian family.
Although this school has been a tremendous blessing, I had to adjust to a more rigorous schedule. The school is further away so we drive further.  I now have to pack all lunch and snacks. Whew! That’s an ongoing challenge that we’ll have to discuss later.  Lastly, we have to help you learn French. I must admit, helping you learn French has been fun.  But again, lots of work.
Finally, as of August 1st, I work for the new start-up law firm. There has been so much work I can’t even begin to explain. Old clients, new clients, old staff members, new staff members, all in start-up land. One thing it did point out to me is that I dropped the ball by not building this blog the way I intended to. In a moment, I lost my job thru no fault of my own and would have had no income. To be honest, I know better. My gut has been telling me to build something additional for some time. I’m not sure what holds me back but I have to figure it out. Our family and your future are too important to get stuck due to lack of foresight.
We’ll get there my darling. I’ve been thinking a lot about the legacy I want to leave you and I have a lot to do.  Just know that your Dad and I are on it!
Talk soon.

2 thoughts on “2017 Was All About Change

  1. Aww! I love this! Thank God you were able to recover. My hubby and I are also thinking about putting our little one in a private school that teaches him French. I agree you should build a legacy.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! Although a bilingual school is work, I have no regrets and am extremely happy with the decision we made. She loves it and is flourishing. I’m sure your little one would do well in a bilingual facility.

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