I Know I Can! The KickStarter Campaign for a Children’s Book

Dear Dumplin,

One of the reasons I started writing to you is because I want you to know that nothing is impossible.  If you have a dream, you should follow it.  If people don’t understand the vision you see for yourself, that’s ok.  If I don’t understand or your Dad doesn’t understand, that’s ok as well. You really can accomplish anything you put your mind to.  I’m sure other mommies feel the same way about their precious daughters.

Recently, I had the pleasure of learning about an amazing KickStarter campaign by Veronica N. Chapman.  “I Know I Can” will be a children’s book that tells the story of a beautiful girl named Faith who dreams big and can do anything!  Ms. Chapman wants to motivate little girls the same way I want to motivate you.  The message must be clear, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.  I love the vision she has.  In the video, Veronica describes what she sees in her self-esteem workshops.  The media’s portrayal of young women is detrimental to how beautiful young girls see themselves.  The damage is done over time.  To counteract that damage, she is launching the story of Faith.  We both want to hear more young girls say “I Know I Can.”  Young girls with confidence turn into women running the world.  The objective and the message are very clear.  We need to teach girls early that they can achieve.

I’ve supported the campaign and can’t wait to you see your name listed as a “Little Faith.”  Veronica has created great rewards for supporters and the little girls we want to uplift.   She’s working with Daveia Odoi to illustrate the story as well.  Ms. Odoi is the creator and owner of DNT Dynamite Design, LLC.  Her work is super cute!!!!  It’s so cute that I’m probably going to order some stuff for your aunties as soon as I finish this post. But let me not digress!

There is an African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Veronica is making sure our village stays focused and I’m happy to support her.

What I want you to know?  You have a village.



PS – If anyone would like to reach out to Veronica N. Chapman directly, you can reach her on Twitter orFacebook.  Thanks!

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